EMGuidance Editorial Policy

Externally developed, unsponsored

The guidelines published on the EMGuidance platform are provided by trusted medical institutions. They are supplied free of charge to EMGuidance and are organised and presented on the basis of clinical domain and location. The EMGuidance team reformats and redesigns this content, which is then reviewed and approved by the institution prior to publication. A summary is present above each guideline, providing more information on authorship and source of each guideline.

Internally developed, independent and unsponsored

The medicines content is independently developed by our in-house team of pharmacists, doctors and specialists. All members of this team are required to disclose any conflicts of interest, which enables us to evaluate and avoid any conflicts which may arise in the development of our content. The medicines team reviews information from a number of medicine databases, manufacturer information, clinical guidelines, primary studies and other clinical evidence in order to compile the medicines monographs. For more information on the editorial process, contributors, and acknowledgements see our Editorial Process. The EMGuidance in-house team also develops the clinical tools on the platform.

Externally developed, non-independent, sponsored

The EMGuidance standard Active Ingredient monographs are free of any biased influence and are inclusive of comprehensive, alphabetical listings of all trade names, preparations and costing information available for medical professionals.

There are Product-Specific monographs in the medicines section which contain supplementary product information provided and paid for by pharmaceutical manufacturers. These Product-Specific monographs are clearly marked with the words ‘Sponsored Additional Content’. Sponsored Information, provided by third parties within the app and website are subject to the following criteria:

  • The information is subject to the conditions of the Marketing Code Authority (MCA) which relates to the advertising of pharmaceutical products to consumers and medical professionals in South Africa.
  • The information is required to be objective, scientifically verifiable and up to date.
  • Supporting documents for information presented in sponsored content are to be made available, by the participating party, upon request from any user or external party.