EMGuidance Editorial Process


Guidelines are provided by institutional partners. The guidelines are reformatted and redesigned by the EMGuidance team, and then reviewed and approved by the relevant institution before being published. A summary is present above each guideline, providing more information on authorship and source of each guideline.


Active Ingredient Monographs

The medicines section consists of locally relevant, consistently updated, fully referenced medicine monographs ('Active Ingredient monographs').

The Active Ingredient monographs are compiled by a team of pharmacists, doctors and specialists. This team reviews information from a number of established medicine databases, manufacturer information, clinical guidelines, primary studies and other clinical evidence and condenses it into concise and clinically relevant monographs. This is an independent process without any external third party influence. References are available on request.

We encourage engagement and feedback. Please send all queries and comments to support@emguidance.com

Product-Specific Monographs

Product-Specific monographs contain information provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers, and are clearly marked 'Sponsored Additional Content'. These monographs contain supplementary, value-adding content provided by the relevant pharmaceutical manufacturer. Sponsored Information, provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers within the app and website are subject to certain criteria. Please see Editorial Policy.


The tools on the EMGuidance platform are standardised clinical tools.

Care Coordination

This information is supplied by relevant hospitals, clinics and service providers.

Licences / Acknowledgements

Electronic Medicines Compendium (including Summary of Product Characteristics), under licence from Datapharm Communications Limited (http://www.datapharm.org.uk)

National Department of Health Medicine Price Registry (http://www.mpr.gov.za)

Code4SA (http://code4SA.org)

This editorial process was last edited on 13/11/2017